19142 sw philly has a long history of Irish and Black Americans interacting.


well i feel safe here in that noone reads this thing.  so i am living with a black girl and i am a white dude and wow is it a trip and we have great fuckin sex

“a new day for you”

Well now what do we have here?

I have personally transited from ‘single’ to ‘being with someone.’  It is a frightening process.  If it is not the first time (if so, I reckon fear of the unknown would be the clarion call), the baggage and wreckage of the past comes to mind surfacing, like the proverbial iceberg, and it is important to not show these things to one’s significant other, especially what lies deep beneath the surface.

This has nothing to do with genetics or ancestry, to trust, and to give one’s heart to another human, completely, is a leap of faith, I would say akin to Thomas Merton’s ineffable experience of the divine.

Nothing can be more rewarding on the mortal coil, in my experience, and nothing can be a greater source of pain, confusion, and insecurity.

Stage Fright

Well this is nerve-wracking, being my first post and all… Maybe this will become easier as time goes on. I want to take a little time to explain my rationale here. As a writer, this is truly the end, here’s the proof even, of a long dry spell of writer’s block which has lasted years.

There is another blog here at wordpress that I have been following for years and while I don’t want to get into all that right now, let’s just say watching that person’s writing, style, and presentation skills evolve over time has caused me to admire that person’s blog greatly and helped me decide to try this own my own, something more than facebook and less than an url book.