How this whole thing got started, anyway…

So I have to write a book, it’s called an autoethnography, considered an autocratic examination of cultural interplay as it were during basically your  early twenties, being on your own and what not it’s an exercise for grad students I never finished.  Also, being involved in a multi-cultural situation is not done by everybody, it’s not tolerated by everybody, and it take a high level of ‘cultural compentence’ to just you know have correct manners and such.

Eh, and I burned out I have gone comepletely public on facebook, I post I think I still can, I’m not sure, at another blog for black people, I am white. And I’m not supposed to drink, ever, at all for any reason whatsoever.

And it was time to just really express? some things that were not really being dealt with in the wide variety of therapy I’ve had for various reasons.




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