Transitioning from abagond

I don’t know how much anyone reading this would know about abagond, another racially based posting board otherwise known as a ‘blog’ on wordpress, but I had been posting there very regularly from about 2011 or so until now.  I exagerate a lot of things, especially time and duration thereof, so it’s possible that was wrong.

Basically, I had been in a sense encountering ‘the black community’ from a sort of analytical perspective, since back in college, but only out on the west coast in LA.  My hometown was ‘hyperwhite.’  Then it was Mexican people and South American people in a different neighborhood and well it continues from there, but eventually I wound up in Reading, PA, and after certain occurences in my life wound up in the black community and have pretty much maintained that excepting for a few occassions. And Philly is a black town, still some Irish presence and the obvious Italian in South Philly.  But it’s mixed, with Spanish and Puerto Rican in North Philly here.

So, I’m trying real hard to find some relevant stuff to post on that doesn’t infuriate anyone!

stand by…

right now, it’s how to type and write and live in very close quarters with the wife and not get annoyed and somehow finish a paragraph with good spelling grammar and references!


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