what we were like then what happened and what we’re like now

so when i started this relationship site, I found a pretty good idea, I thought, and that is as it states on the ‘subtitle’ that this is to provide support and encouragement where there may be little, and that is when you in a relationship with someone from another race.

There are a lot of issues that come up.

At that time, as well, I was taking a lot of drugs.  In the intervening years since I’ve typed anything here and gotten married, to a black woman of course (I’m white).  I have been thinking alot about the boundaries you can encounter when writing about real people who are alive, for both the purposes of respect and privacy in this increasingly intrusive society we must navigate.

So now I’m getting sober, marijuana has proved a real stumbler to quit, but I’ve had no alcohol for over 20 days.  And that is my main problem.  I have been honing my writing skills; but this place is a mess.  Stay tuned and say something if you wish.  Have a blessed day!




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