“a new day for you”

Well now what do we have here?

I have personally transited from ‘single’ to ‘being with someone.’  It is a frightening process.  If it is not the first time (if so, I reckon fear of the unknown would be the clarion call), the baggage and wreckage of the past comes to mind surfacing, like the proverbial iceberg, and it is important to not show these things to one’s significant other, especially what lies deep beneath the surface.

This has nothing to do with genetics or ancestry, to trust, and to give one’s heart to another human, completely, is a leap of faith, I would say akin to Thomas Merton’s ineffable experience of the divine.

Nothing can be more rewarding on the mortal coil, in my experience, and nothing can be a greater source of pain, confusion, and insecurity.


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